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Sunday, 28 September 2014


I think it's fair to say that we all want our children to grow up knowing how beautiful and unique they are made.  I feel that having our children know and feel this, starts with us as their mom's, aunts and grandmas.  Let me start it this way, when someone says to you, "You are so beautiful." or "You are so pretty.", think about how you respond.  Do you reply with, "Ya right!" or "I think you mean someone else, because I'm not pretty." or do you look over your shoulder thinking it's someone else they are talking too?

Think about your dear daughter for a moment.  If you heard someone say to her, "You are so beautiful!" and your daughter responds with "Ya right, I'm not beautiful!", wouldn't that break your heart?  It starts young having them feel that they are each made so beautifully.  Once your children reach the teenage and early adolescent years, life can be hard enough.  We want our children to see and know how beautiful they are and have confidence in themselves.  Beauty is individual, we need to celebrate what we have been given and be thankful and love ourselves for who we are, flaws and all.

I struggle with people who think that makeup is all about being vain.  Sure, to some it may be.  But what I believe is we all want to look and be the best versions of ourselves?  Do we want to settle for less?  Why is it bad if someone puts on some makeup and makes themselves feel and look a certain way that they love.  It is not for us to judge what makes one person happy.  Why not celebrate and be happy with what in our heart makes us smile.

Let's start taking note of ourselves when someone gives us a compliment.  Own it, feel it, and appreciate it.  Love yourself for who God made you to be.  You are unique, you are beautiful, and you are treasured.  If someone tells you how pretty or beautiful you look, try responding with "Thank you" and then believe it.  And tell your children everyday how beautiful and loved they are.

Love & hugs,

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Makeup lessons with Jamie-Lee

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a specific look for yourself?  Or do you just wish you knew HOW to apply makeup?  Makeup by Jamie-Lee offers makeup lessons either one on one or in a group setting, whichever you would feel more comfortable with.  I don't only show you how to apply your makeup, I also leave you with a detailed outline of what we applied, where we applied it and how to apply it with what brushes or sponges.  It's something you can go back to time and time again after the lesson, and remember what we did together. 

It can be so overwhelming walking into a makeup store or any place that sells makeup and see all the different brands in front of you promising you the next best thing.  By having a lesson with me you can leave feeling more confident on your makeup needs and not wasting money on things you don't need. 

And not only do I give you the detailed outline, I also go through your makeup bag with you.  Most people get slightly nervous here.  Please don't be! :) I would never judge your makeup bag or what's in it or what's not in it or how old some products might be.  I'm here to help you and go through it with you and tell you what you should keep, what you can incorporate into your everyday routine and what you may want to add.  And when we have completed everything, I will leave you with a list of products that you may want to add into your makeup bag. 

It's that will leave with a new look as I will have applied your makeup on you and I'm always here for follow up questions or concerns. 

My feedback on makeup lessons has been extremely positive.  I have seen some of my clients around town and I can tell they are using some new techniques I taught them and they look amazing!!  If this is something that interests you, send me an email at or call/text me at 403-829-4100 and we can sign you up for a makeup lesson, I would love to teach you some new techniques and ideas.


Monday, 24 February 2014

How to take your makeup off and eliminate raccoon eyes

I'm having a laugh at my title...because it's so true.  If I do an intense eye look the only thing I dread is having to take it off at the end of the night because no matter how much I try I usually still have  black mascara left over and it's a pet peeve of mine.  I have tried a lot of different skin care routines, some I liked and some not so much and didn't live up to the hype that it was built up to be. 
I have heard a lot of the different uses of coconut oil, everything from cooking to hair & skin care.  I have a large jar in my pantry that I use for cooking.  My oldest sister Julie loves this stuff and got me into it a while ago.  Recently I read how some people use it to take off their makeup and wash their face.  Honestly, I was grossed out by this.  How could someone use and put oil on their face!!??  After researching it some more I realized how amazing coconut oil is for your skin so I had to try it out.  The first time I used it to wash off my makeup I did not melt it first and used it in it's hardened state.  It worked but not as well as when you melt it a bit.  So the next time I took less than a tsp of coconut oil from the jar and put it in a small container in the microwave for 22 seconds.  (I choose 22 instead of 20 or 25 because 22 is my favorite number lol.  Odd, I know ;) )  Anyway, once it's done this is what I do....

1. Take warm water and splash it on your face.
2. The some coconut oil in your finger tips and using circular motions rub it into your skin and all over your face and neck.
3. Take a wash cloth and put warm water on it, ring it out, and go over your face with it also rubbing it into your skin. (using a face clothe also helps exfoliate your skin a bit).
4. Wash out the cloth and go over your face one more time if you'd like.
5. Use any excess coconut oil left over and put on any dry areas on your face or for a moisturizing mask put all over your face and leave it on.

This is by far the best skin care routine I have ever used!  I absolutely love it and my skin loves it.  And it's natural and organic!  You only need a little bit and it goes a long ways.  And not only does it completely take ALL the makeup off my face (no raccoon eyes anymore!) it also moisturizes my face.
I did have a few small breakouts which I usually don't get but they have gone away now.  Remember with most new skin care routines you can breakout from getting used to it and changing products.  The only other thing is to make sure you don't get any in your eyes...things get a little blurry for a while if you do. ;)
I'm experimenting with a homemade exfoliate too that I will also put up on my blog once I have it all figured out. 
You can purchase the coconut oil at Costco or any supermarkets I believe. 
Try it out...let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Want HOT nails without the mess?

This last year for my birthday one of my best girls gave me an amazing gift!  It's a box of makeup goodies that arrive at the beginning of every season throughout the year in your mail box.  It's from a company called Loose Button and the box of goodies is called "The Luxe Box".  It generally has sample sizes of everything from nail polishes, eye serums to concealers.  When I receive the next one in spring I will do a blog post on what I got and tell you how you can also sign up for it.  Thank you again L!! :)
One of the items in the last Luxe Box was a package of "Essie sleek stick nail appliques".  I'll be honest, at first I was thinking I may never use them but curiosity got the best of me and I tried them out.  And I am so happy I did!  It's super easy, mess free and they look amazing.  Follow along for the "how-to"...
Here is what the package looked like...
This is what all came in the package...the slick nail appliques (18 sizes in total), a nail file, a cuticle pusher & instructions.
1.Start by shaping your nails with the nail file provided. 
2. Clean your nails with a cotton pad & nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.
3. Select the correct size nail applique for each nail.  As you can see the nail appliques are on a clear sheet.  This way you can put your nail underneath the nail appliques to determine which size is the best for your nail you are about to work on.  (they may not fit exactly on your nail but once you have it on it's not very noticeable if the size is slightly off).
4. Peel the nail applique off the clear sheet and stick it on your natural nail you just sized up and press down firmly for a couple seconds.
5. When one hand has all the appliques on it, use the nail file in downward strokes file off the excess applique.
6. It's that are done! 
Here is the finished result...
 (please note:  I may or may not have put them on upside down, lol.   But even upside down they look nice.)
I had mine on for 5 days at which point I took them off.  They were starting to peel on a few fingers and they were  turning white at the tips.  I didn't take it easy on my nails while I had them on.  I washed dishes and played Lego with my kids but I also did not pick at them.  Some of you are nail is a safe place to admit it. ;)
The next 2 pictures show my nails on day 5 right before I took them off.
To take them off, just pick at a corner and peel them off your nail.  It's quite easy and so mess free. 
I loved having these on and I would recommend them.  I only wish that they could have lasted a bit longer than they did but I think if you want to use them for a special night out they would be perfect, hassle free and best of all, mess free! 
They do sell them at Shoppers Drug Mart and they sell for $13.99 (AB pricing) and there are a few varieties of them.
I do have a set of Jamberry Nails (same concept, different company) that I also received and I will review those one too and let you know what I think compared to these Essie ones. 
I hope this post has been useful to you.  If you liked it please share it with someone you know who might benefit from it.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

New website is finally ready!! :)

Hi makeup friends! 

Thanks for joining me today on my blog.  I am so excited to share with you all my new website that went live yesterday.  I had a previous website that I made myself but wanted something a bit more glamorous and definitely needed some assistance to achieve that.  With the creativity of Julianna from JM Designs from Etsy (check her out here) my new site is created.  Julianna is amazing to work with, patient and talented at what she does. 

As you may have seen, earlier this year I also got a new logo for Makeup by Jamie-Lee.  I again used Etsy and used the creativity of Jamie (awesome name might I say) from  I told her my ideas and on the first try I got exactly what I was hoping for. 

So here is the link to my new website...
I hope you all like it and find it easy to navigate through.  It is also mobile friendly which I love.

I hope through my website you can see the love for what I do.  I am passionate about doing hair and makeup but that is not all.  What I love to see is the transformation in the person I'm working on.  My slogan on my logo reads, "Let your inner beauty shine on the outside."  We all have an inner beauty and to me that is one of the most beautiful things a person can have...inner beauty.  I see beauty in everyone I meet.  Embrace who you are, that is beauty.  I hope you all know and feel that you are beautiful...because you are. 

Sending love to you all today!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Wedding season is coming up - check out these pictures

I love wedding season.  It's such a beautiful time in peoples lives and I am always so honored if I can be a part of it through doing the makeup and or hair.  I always do my best at making the bride at ease and making her look and feel very beautiful for her special day.
I was lucky enough lately to work with Karina Hiller from Ooh La La Photography in Calgary for a stylized session.  Not only is she such an incredibly talented photographer, she is beautiful and has an amazing heart.  I had an amazing time working with her and her models.  I'm so excited to share with you the result of our work together. 

All hair & makeup by Jamie-Lee and photography by Ooh La La Photography from Karina Hiller in Calgary.
Aren't those two sweet baby girls so adorable?  They were just as beautiful & kind as their momma's.  It was such a joy working with all these ladies. 
If you are looking for makeup & hair for your wedding, contact me for a quote.  I'd love to be part of your special day.  And please check out Ooh La La Photography for more of her amazing work.
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHT pictorial

This is my pictorial on how to contour and highlight your face. Enjoy! :)
(no filters or any altering were done on the photos.)
I am so excited about this post!  Contouring and highlighting is one of my favorite things to do.  What exactly is contouring & highlighting you may ask?  Contouring is using a foundation two shades darker than you currently wear and use it on your face where you want to create depth.  You use this darker shade to contour around the perimeter of your face, the temples, sides of your nose, under the jaw line and under your cheek bones.  By doing this, you will make your nose look slimmer, your cheekbones will be more pronounced and create a more defined jaw line.

To highlight you use a foundation two shades lighter than your skin tone and use it to make areas pop.  You want to focus the highlight on the center of your forehead, down the middle of the length of your nose, under your eyes down along the cheek right beside your nose, just above your cheek bones, cupids bow, chin and along your bottom jaw area.  Highlighting these areas is where the light would naturally hit on your face and by using this highlighting and contouring technique you are creating dimension to your face.

Me before with just mascara on: Just happy as can be. ;)
Here is the two different types of foundation I used.  The lighter is a foundation compact from MUD cosmetics in WB 2 and I used a flat foundation brush to apply it.

For the darker foundation I used Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation in '340 Caramel'.  I applied this with the edge of a cosmetic sponge (the white sponge you see in the sponge picture below).
Here is the placement of the lighter foundation:
Now adding the darker foundation to the forehead, sides of nose, just under cheekbones and jaw line.

 Now the next step is to blend in the lighter and darker foundations.  I always start with the lighter foundation first and there are a couple ways you can blend them in.  Here is a picture of the sponges I generally use, and I usually only use one.  The pink one is called a "Beauty Blender" and the blue one is used the exact same way, just a different shape and unfortunately I don't know the brand of it.  You can wet them down or keep it dry.  The pointy ends of the sponges are to use in areas like the inner corners by your eyes or harder to reach places.  I can also use it after I put on powder to set my foundation and use a rolling motion to press the powder in the skin to make it look flawless.  For this application today I used the blue sponge (dry) and started to buff in the lighter shade.  Once the lighter shade is blended in, I start on the darker foundation.  Again using the blue sponge, I buffed in the darker shade into the skin. 
Here is what you should look like after blending the lighter shade and the darker shade.  Just don't blend them together yet.  Just do one at a time.
With all things makeup, you want to blend.  So don't stop here.  You want the darker and lighter shades to blend in together.  With contouring for the most part, you don't want to see where you applied the darker and lighter colors, you want it to look more natural and dimensional.  Now you can blend the shades together and to do this I used my kabuki brush in circular motions where the darker and lighter shades meet.  Here is a picture after I blended the two shades.
So now you can see there aren't any harsh lines.  At this point you can just see where the light hits your face it's lighter and other areas look more shaded in with the darker shade.  At this point I proceeded to set the foundation with MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder with my kabuki brush in a gentle buffing motion.  The powder is white but doesn't go on as such, hence the "transparent" part in the product name.  This product is amazing and will set your foundation all day.  It will help in minimizing creasing in your makeup as well.  At this point, I generally use this MAC powder just over the lighter shades of foundation and for the darker shade I use a matte bronzer with an angled brush and lightly go over the darker shaded areas to set it as well as accentuate it.
Here is the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.
Here is the Maybelline Matte Bronzer in Dream Sun with an angled brush.
Once the foundation is set with the bronzer and the MAC Prep+Prime, I start doing the rest of my makeup.  Here is a finished look with all of my makeup done.

Here is the before and after picture.  As you can see by contouring and highlighting my face, nose and cheek areas look slimmer and more defined. 
I really hope this pictorial has helped you.  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.  Please leave me a message if you wish.

Friday, 3 January 2014


It's 2014!  I always love the beginning of a New Year.  It's a chance to start fresh and have a whole new perspective.  It's a chance to look back on the past year and reflect on the good and things we want to make different.  I love the opportunity to make new goals.  I hope that you too can see the year ahead as an opportunity for improvement, for reaching & setting new goals and just being a kind, loving person to others.  Be the change you want to see.  If you want something, go for it.  Don't wait for the other person to call, call them.  Don't wait for someone to say something kind to you first, say something kind to them first.  Be encouraging of never know what a person is going through in life.  Be understanding but don't let yourself be walked on.  Find the best in a person and love them for who they are.  Most of all, enjoy each day that God has blessed you with.

I want to thank all my past and current clients.  I have truly enjoyed each and everyone of you and thankful for the opportunity to work with you.  You are all beautiful and unique.  I love that no two faces or hair are the same.  You have been gifted with a look only for you.  Embrace yourselves and love your features.  Again, thank you for support and love.  You all truly rock and I am so grateful that I am able to do what I love to do everyday. 

Lots of Love and Happiness in 2014.