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Thursday, 13 February 2014

New website is finally ready!! :)

Hi makeup friends! 

Thanks for joining me today on my blog.  I am so excited to share with you all my new website that went live yesterday.  I had a previous website that I made myself but wanted something a bit more glamorous and definitely needed some assistance to achieve that.  With the creativity of Julianna from JM Designs from Etsy (check her out here) my new site is created.  Julianna is amazing to work with, patient and talented at what she does. 

As you may have seen, earlier this year I also got a new logo for Makeup by Jamie-Lee.  I again used Etsy and used the creativity of Jamie (awesome name might I say) from  I told her my ideas and on the first try I got exactly what I was hoping for. 

So here is the link to my new website...
I hope you all like it and find it easy to navigate through.  It is also mobile friendly which I love.

I hope through my website you can see the love for what I do.  I am passionate about doing hair and makeup but that is not all.  What I love to see is the transformation in the person I'm working on.  My slogan on my logo reads, "Let your inner beauty shine on the outside."  We all have an inner beauty and to me that is one of the most beautiful things a person can have...inner beauty.  I see beauty in everyone I meet.  Embrace who you are, that is beauty.  I hope you all know and feel that you are beautiful...because you are. 

Sending love to you all today!

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