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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Makeup lessons with Jamie-Lee

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a specific look for yourself?  Or do you just wish you knew HOW to apply makeup?  Makeup by Jamie-Lee offers makeup lessons either one on one or in a group setting, whichever you would feel more comfortable with.  I don't only show you how to apply your makeup, I also leave you with a detailed outline of what we applied, where we applied it and how to apply it with what brushes or sponges.  It's something you can go back to time and time again after the lesson, and remember what we did together. 

It can be so overwhelming walking into a makeup store or any place that sells makeup and see all the different brands in front of you promising you the next best thing.  By having a lesson with me you can leave feeling more confident on your makeup needs and not wasting money on things you don't need. 

And not only do I give you the detailed outline, I also go through your makeup bag with you.  Most people get slightly nervous here.  Please don't be! :) I would never judge your makeup bag or what's in it or what's not in it or how old some products might be.  I'm here to help you and go through it with you and tell you what you should keep, what you can incorporate into your everyday routine and what you may want to add.  And when we have completed everything, I will leave you with a list of products that you may want to add into your makeup bag. 

It's that will leave with a new look as I will have applied your makeup on you and I'm always here for follow up questions or concerns. 

My feedback on makeup lessons has been extremely positive.  I have seen some of my clients around town and I can tell they are using some new techniques I taught them and they look amazing!!  If this is something that interests you, send me an email at or call/text me at 403-829-4100 and we can sign you up for a makeup lesson, I would love to teach you some new techniques and ideas.